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General Description:

All of the Amore products are pre-cooked, pre-baked, spiced, and portioned in perfect prescribed portion sizes, then blast frozen before it is individually wrapped for freeze burn protection, ready to heat and eat.

4 individual wrapped portions are packaged in a single see through packet. See through packaging was used for you as consumer to visually see the product. No hidden affair.

All our products are MSG free, has no added preservatives. We use no artificial products, no powder products and all our white sauces are made from real milk and real cheddar cheese, just like mom made it at home.


The portions offer you as consumer the advantage of choice as to what and who and how much you want to eat of what type of vegetable at the spur of the moment. No more need to spend lengthy times at the stove. Simply pop from bag into the microwave and serve within 2 minutes. You even have a choice of how many types of vegetables you want to enjoy with your main dish, or how many of each vegetable with no risk of wastage or left over food.

If you have guests, simply pop 2, 3, 4 or as many as you want into a single bowl, heat, stir and serve one bowl of vegetables that will look and taste as if you made it yourself.

Simply said, your choice.

See detail of each vegetable product under product list.

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